Teknopass is the patented brand of Akmer Bilişim, specialized in parking and access control systems.

Our advanced License Plate Recognition Systems, capable of accurately identifying plates under any weather and lighting conditions, together with Unmanned Payment Points (Kiosks) that offer transaction capabilities with paper/metal money beyond contactless payment, and Parking Automation solutions that maximize parking capacity, support the enhancement of operational processes and the reduction of costs.

Data Reading Projects, which empower businesses with data collection and analysis capabilities, provide technology support to companies in the manufacturing sector by developing hardware and software that increase efficiency on production lines and ensure quality control.

The brand's Smart Access Control and Turnstile Systems enhance the security of buildings and facilities while providing a smooth transition experience.


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About Us

Our journey in developing parking automation projects began in 2009. During this period, we embarked on a mission to produce innovative solutions by deeply analyzing the needs within the industry. With the experience and knowledge we gained over the years, we decided to establish Akmer Bilisim in January 2020.

This new beginning not only propelled us into an innovative era in terms of technology but also in our business model and corporate identity. With the technological parking and special project solutions we continue to develop, we have become a recognized name in both the national and international markets.

As Akmer Bilişim, in addition to Turkey, we have successfully completed numerous projects in various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, America, Spain, and Ukraine together with our valued business partners. Each of these projects reflects our commitment to offering customized solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to continue being a leader in the industry both nationally and internationally by developing sustainable and innovative solutions in parking management, license plate recognition systems, access systems, special project development, and electronic product design and development. Our company will continue to shape the future with its expert team and strong technical infrastructure.